Watches dreamed

Projected and created with a unique purpose: to share to everyone would wear them and to everyone we would meet every day a specific idea of what we are and of what we want from life, from every single person we get in touch with, from everything we do, from every place we’re and we’ll be, from every situation that we would be living today, tomorrow and in every single day to come. Freshness, simplicity, animation and vitality forever!

A unique alchemy, made of elegance, sportiness, color, simple shapes, but rich in details, done with the most impressive care. Because happiness, joy and color are everything for us!

And we know well how important this is in everyday life, in everything we do, in every single moment, and H2X wants to communicate exactly this sense of freedom, clear craziness, and pure style. H2X: design, emotions, color and life!!!